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 UPnP – Advanced Light Weight UPnP SDK

EBS an active UPnP Forum (links to http://www.upnp.org) member offers a range of products to enable and control UPnP devices of in a home network or a wide area network.


UPnP™ architecture is an open networking architecture that transparently enables peer-to-peer networking, in addition to control and data transfer among networked devices in the home, office and public spaces.
This architecture enables UPnP certified devices to discover and control devices on a network, independent of particular operating systems, programming languages or physical network connections. UPnP certification standards for such devices are built upon proven simple Internet standards and languages like TCP, HTTP, and XML as set forth by the UPnP Implementers Corporation. All EBS products strictly adhere to these standards
EBS offers three UPnP SDKs designed from grounds up for next generation of embedded devices with challenging applications. All SDKs are full featured having small foot prints. EBS’s UPnP products are designed with a philosophy of providing the designers with low learning curve, extreme ease of porting and minimal time to market.

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 RTUPnP – Device


RTUPnP – Device is a small and robust UPnP SDK for developing UPnP enabled devices. RTUPnP – Device is fully featured and adheres to UPnP forum’s device architecture V1.0. This highly portable sdk sits on EBS’s porting layer called RTPlatform, this makes it independent of any underlying operating system or kernel. RTPlatform is EBS’s industry admired porting layer solution. RTPlatform is already ported to hundreds of platforms and comes readymade with full ports to lots of platforms

RTUPnP – Device SDK is royalty free and is written in 100% ANSI-C. Contains well designed and simple APIs aimed at providing an easy way to UPnP enable any device.

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  RTUPnP - Control


RTUPnP – Control is a high quality, extremely portable SDK for UPnP control points designed specifically for resource crunched embedded systems. The highlight of this robust light weight SDK is the ease of its use and the low learning curve required for developing customized UPnP control point applications.
All control points developed with RTUPnP – Control will be fully interoperable with all devices adhering to UPnP architecture. Like all other EBS UPnP products RTUPnP – Control is processor independent and can work with any 16 – 32 bit operating system and any network stack. RTUPnP – Control sits on RTPlatform which is EBS’s industry admired porting layer solution. RTPlatform is already ported to hundreds of platforms and comes readymade with full ports to lots of platforms. RTUPnP – Control can run in single threaded, multithread or polled modes and supports both synchronous and asynchronous calls. It is available as royalty free source code written in 100% ANSI C.



RTUPnP – AV is SDK for developing advanced UPnP media server and UPnP media renderer devices. RTUPnP – AV sits on top of RTUPnP – Device which is EBS’s truly portable device side SDK thus making RTUPnP – AV capable or running on a any underlying platform or operating system.
RTUPnP – AV is designed to be very modular with removable lightweight components. The design goal for RTUPnP – AV is to provide the developer with a easy method to add remove customized or vendor specific pieces to a media server or a media renderer.

UPnP Audio Visual devices developed using RTUPnP – AV are fully interoperable with all control points and devices complying to UPnP architecture. RTUPnP – AV fully adheres to UPnP Forum’s UPnP AV Architecture version. It includes full implementations of content directory, connection manager, AVTransport and rendereing control services. All these services are fully compliant to their respective specifications as provided by the UPnP forum.

The key feature of RTUPnP – AV is the low time to market achieved because of its simple yet powerful APIs and inherent modular design which allows easy addition/removal of custom AV components. RTUPnP – AV is available as royalty free source code written in 100% ANSI C.

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