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 ERTFS  Technical Specs

  ERTFS – ProPlus64 – Functionality Highlights


Functionality Highlight


Terabyte file support

A 64-bit file interface shatters the 4 gigabyte file size barrier making it possible to create files that in theory could be 24 terabytes in length. In practice, the files are large enough for storing video and high volume streaming data on today’s 100 gigabyte plus disk drives

Failsafe operation

Eliminates volume corruption from power failures and media removals.

Zero disk latency

Guaranteed zero disk latency to follow or allocate cluster segments on file seek, file append, file read, file write. Operations occur at memory speeds except for data transfer interval.
The file pointer may be moved from anywhere to anywhere within a multi-terabyte file with virtually no overhead.

Real Time file IO operations

Files may be read written and extended incurring virtually no overhead allocating and tracking file extents.

Deterministic Asynchronous Operations

Provides asynchronous API calls to ensure smooth and deterministic operation

Programmer controlled extent management

Allows programmers to control fragmentation, pre-allocation of file extents and data placement.

Volume defragmenter subsystem

Defragmenter tool and monitor provided

Drop in support for Digital Video Recorder applications

Sophisticated circular data buffering and zero copy file extract routines allow easy creation of demanding DVR products

Real-time data logging routines

Provided for developing DVR applications or industrial, military or scientific streaming data applications.

  ERTFS Features:



ERTFS- ProPlus64


ERTFS- Basic

Zero Latency File IO


Deterministic / Asynchronous Yes    
Failsafe Journaling Yes    
64-bit File IO Yes    
Terabyte file support. Yes    
Video Record/Playback support Yes    
Streaming Data support Yes Yes  
Defragmenter Toolkit Yes Yes  
Real-Time File IO Yes Yes  
Small System File and Directory Management     Yes
DOS/Windows/FAT compliant Yes Yes Yes
Check Disk Yes Yes Yes
Format Yes Yes Yes
Command Shell Yes Yes Yes
Regression Test Tool Yes Yes Yes
Linear Flash Support Yes Yes Yes
Virtual Disk Feature Yes Yes Yes
String Tables within a Single Source File Yes Yes Yes
Windows Prototype Environment Included Yes Yes Yes
Pre-built Windows Based ERTFS Command Shell Reference Yes Yes Yes
Supports removable media Yes Yes Yes
Thread safe multi-tasking Yes Yes Yes
Runs on any CPU Yes Yes Yes
Runs with or without an RTOS Yes Yes Yes
Run Time configurable Yes Yes Yes
Supports Unicode and Japanese character sets Yes Yes  
FAT32 Support Yes Yes  
VFAT Support Yes Yes  
Full source code with device drivers Yes Yes Yes
Comprehensive documentation Yes Yes Yes
NOR Flash translation layer Yes Yes Yes
Royalty free Yes Yes Yes

  Included Driver Support

  • IDE Hard Disk

  • Compact Flash

  • RAM Disk

  • MMC

  • Floppy

  • ROM Disk

  • NOR Flash

  • Smart Media / NAND Flash

  • USB option available

  • SD Card option available

  • Memory Stick option available

  • SDIO option available


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  ERTFS Applications:

  • Digital Cameras

  • Cell Phones

  • Set Top Boxes

  • Consumer Devices

  • Military and Surveillance

  • Medical

  • Scientific

  • Commercial

  • Avionics

  • Any application needing disk or flash file support


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