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 RTSMB – Common Internet File System/Server Message Block (CIFS/SMB) Client Server SDK

RTSMB is a leading light weight CIFS/SMB SDK available for embedded devices and applications. This product provides embedded devices the same functionality of what samba provides to linux and what cifs/smb provides to windows and Machintosh operating system. RTSMB is independent of any underlying operating system and platform. It sits on RTPlatform which is EBS’s industry admired porting layer solution. RTPlatform is already ported to hundreds of platforms including and comes readymade with full ports to lots of platforms.

RTSMB family of products consists to two mature products :

  • RTSMB – Server and

  • RTSMB – Client

 RTSMB - Client

RTSMB – Client is an advanced CIFS/SMB/Samba Client SDK. RTSMB – Client is developed from bottoms up by EBS for low resource embedded devices with real-time requirements. RTSMB – Client leads the industry in its low footprint size, extreme ease of porting.
RTSMB-Client provides an interface for accessing file and print shares on remote hosts that provide any brand of CIFS/SMB sharing. This client offers complete functionality similar to windows network neighborhood like scanning the network for CIFS/SMB servers, browsing the shares on the servers and ability to connect to multiple shares simultaneously. RTSMB – Client contains advanced features like providing devices the capability to invoke commands on remote hosts through RPC Support.

RTSMB – Client is offers it developers a flexible and powerful set of APIs. It comes with well designed samples to reduce the learning curve and minimize the time to market for end applications. RTSMB – Client is written in 100% ANSI C and is available royalty free. It is truly portable; the entire SDK sits on top of RTPlatform which makes it independent of any network stack, operating system and hardware platform

 RTSMB – Server

RTSMB – Server is a low foot print, extremely portable CIFS/SMB/Samba server side implementation. This advanced and robust server side implementation is designed from bottoms up for small embedded systems with real time requirements. RTSMB – Server is highly configurable enabling developer the ability to customize it to their needs or requirements.

RTSMB – Server is designed with an aim to provide an easy to use yet powerful set of APIs to the developers. This along with well designed samples reduces the learning curve and minimizes the time to market for end applications.

RTSMB-Server is independent of any file system, network stack, operating system and underlying platform. It sits on top of RTPlatform which is EBS’s platform abstraction and porting layer. RTSMB – Server is written in 100% ANSI C and is available royalty free.

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