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EBS introduces Industry's 1st FAT 64 file system.

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"By the way, everyone here from the CEO down who has seen the Compact Flash running on our product in such a short time has been amazed. Great product and I'd be happy to be a reference for you."



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  EBS announces ERTFS Pro support for USB

  San Francisco -Embedded Systems Conference, March 29, 2004


EBS, Inc, the developer of the original DOS file system, today announced Universal Serial Bus (USB) device support for the EBS ERTFS Pro embedded file system. ERTFS' USB support provides a comprehensive, portable, high performance USB subsystem solution for embedded file system applications using ERTFS Pro.

The USB host protocol stack for ERTFS Pro contains the core protocol stack, the required host controller device drivers, a low-level communication API, and high-level class drivers. Both USB 1.1 and 2.0 specifications are supported. Driver support for all major USB 1.1 and 2.0 host controller types (OHCI, EHCI, PHCI and UHCI) are included; these controller types are supported regardless of the vendor or model. EBS' USB provides high-level class drivers for mass storage devices (disks, memory sticks, CD-ROMs, et al.). The mass storage device class driver is integrated with ERTFS Pro. A hub class driver is integrated into the core USB protocol stack. High-level class drivers for keyboards and mice are also provided.

All USB data transfer types/protocols (control, bulk, interrupt, and isochronous) can be used to support high throughput and real-time devices. Low-, full-, and high-speed data transfer up to 12Mb/s on USB 1.1 and 480 Mb/s on USB 2.0 buses, plug and play, and hot plugging are supported.

EBS' USB support is preconfigured to work with ERTFS Pro, but can be ported to other systems and device controllers. Like other ERTFS products, the USB support is RTOS independent and can run on any microprocessor. While no multitasking kernel is required, the file system and USB stack are reentrant when a multitasking kernel is used. All OS-dependent code is modularized with a simple and small API containing functions for system services and resource management. A low-level API allows direct access to a device. An application can query a device's endpoints, supported transfer types, and speeds, and then communicate directly with the device.

"USB will rapidly dominate in the attached device category of embedded devices," comments Peter Van Oudenaren, President of EBS, and creator of the ERTFS DOS file system. "The USB host protocol is complex. EBS is pleased to offer a product that makes it easier for developers to use this leading edge technology."

The EBS USB support for ERTFS Pro is available now. For pricing please call or contact


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