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EBS introduces Industry's 1st FAT 64 file system.

Click here to view presentation titled "Implementing A FAT Based 64 bit DVR"  presented by EBS at Wind River - 2006 Worldwide User Conference.



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EBS releases WebC Browser and GUI SDK V2.5


EBS announces Control Point SDK for managing UPnP™ Certified Devices


ERTFS Pro File System Version 5.0 Announced



"By the way, everyone here from the CEO down who has seen the Compact Flash running on our product in such a short time has been amazed. Great product and I'd be happy to be a reference for you."



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  ERTFS Pro File System Version 5.0 Announced

  Boston, MA - Embedded Systems Conference, September 14, 2004


EBS, Inc., provider of the first embedded DOS File System in 1987, announces the latest release of ERTFS Pro.

Version 5.0 includes support for ATA 6.0 UDMA Mode 6, disk defragmentation, and a new high speed file IO package consisting of high performance page based cluster management routines and an extended IO package that offers a zero cluster anagement latency option for seek, read, write and file extend operations.

ERTFS Pro offers Failsafe Operation to protect against file system corruption from power loss or media removal and supports a wide range of devices including Universal Serial Bus devices (USB), Multi-media (MMC), Secure Digital (SD/SDIO), and Memory Stick.

ERTFS Pro is RTOS independent and can run on any microprocessor. No multitasking kernel is required; the file system is reentrant when a multitasking kernel is used. Developers have precise control over data placement and excellent removable media support. ERTFS Pro is extremely portable. The device driver porting layer is streamlined for simplicity with minimal calls per driver are required. This driver porting layer is segregated into one file. A fully table driven device driver interface is provided and drivers can be selected at run-time.

Unicode and Japanese character sets are available with the ERTFS Pro. All strings used by the file system are segregated into a string table in a single source file. The strings may be modified to match the native character set/language.

Peter Van Oudenaren President of EBS, Inc. says, "ERTFS-Pro is the ideal solution for demanding file system applications. To keep up with the market's ever increasing performance demands we have added advanced features including defrag, Failsafe volume protection, ultra fast enhanced file IO functions, and transparent preallocation of file extents to ensure file contiguity."

ERTFS Pro 5.0 is available immediately. Please call or contact for pricing.


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EBS, Inc. is an independently owned and operated company that has served the embedded industry since 1987. EBS' file system products include ERTFS Pro, ERTFS Basic, and a CD ROM file system. All EBS products come with the highest quality source code and extensive documentation provided royalty fee. Complete product offerings are available on line at

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