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EBS introduces Industry's 1st FAT 64 file system.

Click here to view presentation titled "Implementing A FAT Based 64 bit DVR"  presented by EBS at Wind River - 2006 Worldwide User Conference.



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"By the way, everyone here from the CEO down who has seen the Compact Flash running on our product in such a short time has been amazed. Great product and I'd be happy to be a reference for you."



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  EBS Announces Release of New Failsafe, Journaling and Transactional Technology for ERTFS Embedded File Systems

  Groton, Massachusetts - June 14, 2006


EBS Inc, a leading developer of embedded file system software today announced release of new failsafe III, journaling and transaction file support features for its new RtfsProPlus file system.

RtfsProPlus and Failsafe III have been developed over a 4 year period. The innovative technology within Failsafe III provides significant improvements over previous Failsafe technology. The new failsafe brings to the RtfsProPlus FAT file system full transactional file system capabilities and extremely fast Journal file flush capabilities. Failsafe III's multi session frame based design allows journal file flushing at any time with a single block write and independent journal to volume synchronization that may be executed from the foreground or asynchronously by a background thread.

Failsafe III guarantees volume integrity by Journaling the metadata changes rather than writing them directly to the volume structure. The design of Failsafe III accomplishes this with minimal negative impact on performance; optimized algorithms and user assignable buffering minimize the number of additional disk accesses required and maximize data transfer sizes.

Failsafe III provides transactional file support in addition to volume integrity protection. When using transaction files, developers are assured that when file writes complete, the written data is safely stored on disk. If the write does not complete, a one level rollback mechanism guarantees that the file or its contents are unchanged. Transaction file extends and most transaction overwrites are accomplished with zero copying. Non-aligned overwrites require copying at most 2 clusters.

Failsafe III provides an asynchronous scheduler that manages the scheduling of asynchronous file flushes, block buffer flushes, FAT chain flushes, Journal file flushes and Journal to Volume synchronization s. The API provides precise control over the behavior of the scheduler and can be programmed to guarantee only one single disk read or write per iteration.

Failsafe III includes an improved application programmer's interface. Callback functions provide precise control over flush, synchronize and volume restore strategies. Failsafe III is also easier to configure and control.

"With Failsafe III we have achieved a technical milestone, achieving transaction file support and volume integrity assurance with the same high performance and deterministic characteristics of RtfsProPlus" said Peter Van Oudenaren, President EBS, Inc.

EBS's RtfsProplus with FailsafeIII is available immediately for licensing or evaluations. For more information on RtfsProPlus visit


About RtfsProPlus
RtfsProPlus is an advanced high performance FAT based file system. RtfsProPlus includes support for 64 bit files which overcome FAT's four gigabyte file size limitation and support creation of terabyte sized files. Other advanced features include zero disk latency for extent tracking and cluster allocation during reads writes and seeks, making these "real-time" functions, limited only by the underlying media. RtfsProPlus is fully deterministic, using asynchronous routines when necessary to allow the programmer to precisely control the frequency and data transfer sizes for all disk access. RtfsProPlus includes an additional set of API call which provide drop in support for developing PVR (Programmable Video Recorder) applications and GUI based file system control, performance monitoring and block placement monitoring tool that connects to the embedded target over a TCP-IP network.


About EBS Inc.
EBS, Inc. is the leading provider of embedded software solutions. Since 1987, the company pioneers in delivering advanced fat file system products to the embedded industry. EBS's customer base includes leading Fortune 500 companies, major defense corporations and global aerospace companies. EBS Products include ERTFS embedded FAT file system, RtfsProPlus industry's 1st FAT64 file system, embedded web browser software, UPnP software stack and CIFS/SMB software stack. All EBS products are extremely portable and can easily be ported to any RTOS, network stack and hardware platform. EBS software are available royalty free with a flexible licensing term including 6 months of free support. More information call EBS at 978.448.9162, email: or visit

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