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EBS introduces Industry's 1st FAT 64 file system.

Click here to view presentation titled "Implementing A FAT Based 64 bit DVR"  presented by EBS at Wind River - 2006 Worldwide User Conference.



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EBS releases WebC Browser and GUI SDK V2.5


EBS announces Control Point SDK for managing UPnP™ Certified Devices


ERTFS Pro File System Version 5.0 Announced



"By the way, everyone here from the CEO down who has seen the Compact Flash running on our product in such a short time has been amazed. Great product and I'd be happy to be a reference for you."



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  EBS releases WebC Browser and GUI SDK V2.5

  Groton, MA - February 28, 2005


EBS, Inc, an established worldwide provider of embedded internet software since 1987, announces the latest release of their WebC Embedded Web Browser and GUI Development Kit. Version 2.5 offers CSS/2 positioned format support, full RTPlatform integration, new run-time graphics driver binding, improved DHTML support, and browser-level event handling.

EBS WebC is portable to any OS, any CPU. EBS's RTPlatform makes it simple to port WebC to new platforms by providing a clean interface to system functions - and because this interface is fixed, the WebC core files need not be re-compiled every time it is ported to a new system. Browser-level event handling allows a greater level of integration between WebC and the system into which it is embedded.

Version 2.5's runtime graphics driver binding allows developers to change graphics libraries without re-compiling the core browser code. WebC supports several GUI SDKs including PEG, Nucleus GRAFX, GDI, GDI+, SEGGER emWin GSC, and Microwindows/Nano-X. However, a full GUI SDK is not necessary - WebC needs only graphics primitives and an output canvas to create high-quality rendered HTML.

Ideal for GUI and Web enabled applications, in any industry/market, WebC 2.5's added CSS/2 and improved DHTML support allows content developers to create user interfaces that can do more visually and behavior-wise, in a standards compliant manner. The output results can have the look and feel of other browsers.

"We are excited about the newest version of WebC," Tony Astolfi, CTO, EBS Web Technologies comments, "As our customers approach generation two and three of their product lines, the transition of the EBS browser functions to new CPUs and RTOS's is simplified and time to market is streamlined."

WebC 2.5 is available now. For pricing information is available please contact


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EBS has provided advanced file system and networking software to the embedded industry since 1987. EBS offers a full suite of standalone, platform independent network application protocols including CIFS/SMB, network software for UPnP certified devices, and a web browser. The EBS ERTFS Pro portable file system offers FAT file management, FailSafe Journaling and USB support. All products are provided royalty free and come with the highest quality source code and extensive documentation. Complete product offerings are available on line at


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