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EBS introduces Industry's 1st FAT 64 file system.

Click here to view presentation titled "Implementing A FAT Based 64 bit DVR"  presented by EBS at Wind River - 2006 Worldwide User Conference.



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EBS releases WebC Browser and GUI SDK V2.5


EBS announces Control Point SDK for managing UPnPô Certified Devices


ERTFS Pro File System Version 5.0 Announced



"By the way, everyone here from the CEO down who has seen the Compact Flash running on our product in such a short time has been amazed. Great product and I'd be happy to be a reference for you."




 EBS Your Gateway to Digital Home


EBS provides the technology to develop the next generation digital home consumer electronics gadgets. EBS provides the basic building blocks for advanced devices which will become integral part of a digital home such as super-personal video recorders (PVR). Such a PVR will be CE-style box with multi-gigabytes storage capable of invisibly downloading and managing TV, music and on-demand movies.

Recent Gartner report predicts that advanced DVD players and PVRs dominate future digital home over a Media Center PC.

EBS and Gartner share the same believe that a networked CE machine, such as DVD players/recorders, personal video recorder (PVRs) and the next generation consoles, will become the dominant device in the digital home. These class of devices will form the core multimedia servers having a distinct advantages over PCs.


By 2010, the number of digital homes will match or surpass the number of homes with computer networks today. The market for new and old digital home products such as digital cameras, HDTVs, and MP3 players, portable media centers, media hubs will grow at rates ranging from 20% to well over 50% annually. EBS will play a crucial part in this development.

A UPnP enabled networking will dramatically extend the functionality of these standalone systems, advanced file systems like ERTFS ProPlus64 will enable them to store and enable real time feeding of audio and video content around the house. RTSMB which is EBSís CIFS / SMB software stack which provides Window's network neighbourhood or Linux's samba functionaly to an embedded device, offers a new and powerful role in this scheme; it provides seamless availability of audio video resources across the digital home.



ERTFS ProPlus64 which is industryís first FAT64 file system shatters FAT32ís limitation of 4 Gigabytes file size. Using ERTFS ProPlus 64 the developer can develop multi-gigabyte long files yet maintaining complete FAT32 compatibility.

EBSís FAT64 technology overcomes several of traditional FAT32' limitations, provide high performance and deterministic file operations for files of virtually unlimited size. FAT64 file system technology is useful in the development of consumer devices like set tops, DVRs, digital video cameras or scientific devices that must store or retrieve large data sets.


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