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EBS in a Nutshell
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EBS has been providing file system, networking and graphics software to the embedded market since 1987. Our products are included in major game consoles cell phone designs and chip set offerings in all major categories.

 GUI products - We are excited about new developments and new users for webC.
  • WebC is an object oriented graphical user interface.
  • Application screens are designed with HTML and CSS, the same techniques used for web sites.
  • webC is written in object oriented C++.
  • Includes a programmers API with 'C' bindings.
  • Dynamic HTML in 'C' - The 'C' based interface provides powerful methods like onclick, onload, etc. set innerhtml, set imagesource, and set style. These methods combine to provide a framework similiar to the Javascript framework used by web programmers, but from C.
  • Javascript is supported but it may be disabled.
  • May be used for internet applications including as a lightweight browser.
  • Message based architecture.
  • User supplied handlers intercept message flow to drive applications.
  • Includes frame buffer drivers.
  • Line graphics and image manipulation are supported from C and Javascript.

 File system products - You've probably used Rtfs even if you've never heard of it. Rtfs was the first, or one of the first, FAT file system libraries available for embedded platforms.
  • Rtfs has been upgraded to support the new exFat standard.
  • Rtfs is popular in Japan where it is sold under the name Rtfiles.
  • Outside of Japan, Rtfs has been used for over 20 years by RTOS, SOC and semiconductor companies.
  • User of Rtfs include Texas Instruments and major game, phone and memory card manufacturers.
  • We continue to pursue OEM licensing and development contracts for Rtfs.

 Network middleware protocols - These software stacks were created by a group of dedicated programmers at our site in Amherst Massachusetts near the University of Massachusetts campus. These are high quality products that have been deployed commercially, although with less frequency than our file system and graphics products. We've restructured our approach to licensing and supporting these products, and we are exploring ways to encourage community based support.
  • CIFS/SMB client and server. Lightweight portable software stacks provide lightweight network print and file sharing for embedded devices.
  • Web server.
  • Web client API (POST, GET etc).
  • UPnP device and control functions.
  • SOAP client API and server functions.
  • SSDP and GENA client API and server functions.
  • UPnP media controller.
  • UPnP media server.
  • UPnP media renderer.