Welcome to ebs.

EBS was incorporated in 1994 to create and provide system software for embedded and high performance devices.

Among many successes our products have had, we were among the first to be used with nand flash memory cards in embedded devices. Our software was incorporated in many, if not most, digital camera designs in the early years and in millions of cell phones from major manufacturers.

Our network stacks have been incorporated into cell phone networks, power grid monitoring systems, sattelite systems, and we were included of dozens of GPS enabled IOT devices from GPS/IOT pioneers years before the phrase was invented.

We provide software product sales and support for several of our product lines, Most products are available on Github for download.

We also provide contract development and design services both small and large with experience in Embedded devices.,IOT, C, C++, Python, Protobufs, MQTT, GSM, GPS, HTML5, Javascript/Jquery/Ajax, Qt, Linux, Embedded Linux, on 16 bit (AVR), 32 bit microcontrollers or host/cloud based environments.

Whether you are a new or returning client please contact sales 'at' ebsembeddedsoftware.com to see how we can help you with software development or with one of our products.

Watch this space !. These products will soon be available for download from github, contact sales for more information.

Rtfs - Reliable FAT file system technology deployed in millions of systems, also supports exFat, journaling and real time performance.View On Github
RtfsTiny - Super low footprint file system, requiring as low as 2.5K code space, implements a complete journaled FAT file system in 12K. View On Github
Web Browser - Low footprint C++ Javascript enabled embedded Web browser, HTML viewer,and app development environment.View On Github
HTTP Client - 'C' based embedded web client API, performs wget style functions from 'C'.View On Github
HTTP Server - 'C' based embedded web server that is programmable with HTML5 and Ajax examples.View On Github
CIFS/SMB - 'C' based CIFS/SMB V1.1 client and server libraries and sample applications.View On Github
UPnP - embedded UPnP host and client.View On Github

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Rtfs file system
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Updated: October, 2015