Products from EBS.
WebC Embedded Gui
  • Powerful GUI with built in frame buffer driver.
  • Design your screens in CSS and HTML
  • Write your application in C or C++.
  • Optionally use Javascript in help screens and menus.
A modern approach to embedded user interfaces. Use CSS/HTML to design pages, process events and change the display in 'C'. Includes native line graphics and optional Javascript support.
Rtfs with exFat
  • FAT File System Library.
  • Supports exFAT.
  • Millions of devices include Rtfs world wide.
RTFS has been licensed by Silicon and Rtos vendors for more than 20 years. Rtfs is widely used in Japaneses consumer devices and is integrated in Rtoses and development kits by major manufacturers including Texas Instruments.
IP Libraries.
  • FAT file system.
  • CIFS/SMB print and file sharing client and server.
  • HTTP Client and Web server libraries.
  • SSDP, SOAP, and GENA client and server support.
  • UPnP device and client stacks.
  • UPnP media controller/server and renderer components.
These quality software libraries are available in source for a reasonable fee. Click for prices and information on obtaining the products.
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